General Venue Questions:

What is the size of the space?

The space is 3400 sq feet of event space spread amongst 2 floors. The street level floor is 2400 sq ft built with a gallery finish. There is also a lower level of 1000 sq feet that can be used as a storage, green room, and additional event space.

What is the capacity of the space?

We may accommodate up to 100 guest (standing or seating) on the ground floor and 30 guest in the lower level (basement space). Please note that we host all sizes of events (both small and large) as our space is easily able to be configured for you event needs. Please inquire within sample floor plans.

Are you able to close levels/areas off?

Yes. A stainless steel chain can be used to block off the ground level and basement level spaces. For additional blockage and/or styling, pipe and drapes can rented.

How many bathrooms are available?

1 restroom on the ground level for event guest and 1 restroom on the basement level for event staff is also available.

Is there a kitchen onsite?

There is no kitchen on site. Catering vendors must come with prepared food, prep stations can be provided upon request. Open flames are not permitted on site.

May we hang from the walls and/or pipes?

There is one central rigging pole/pipe that can be utilized for hanging needs. When hanging any type of equipment on any venue piping or railing the client/client’s vendor must use “rubber strips” (not provided by the venue). When using adhesive hanging products, such as tape, command strips, etc. the client or client’s vendors must first place painters tape. Any invasive type of hanging procedure, such as nails or screws, must be approved by the venue prior to the event (additional charges may apply).

May we paint the walls and/or pipes?

To be discussed prior to the event (possibly with any additional charge.) If you are planning to paint the walls or pipes please inquire for further details.

Can we bring an automobile into the space?


What are the hours of operation when renting the space?

The venue rental is up to 12 hours a day, including load in and load out. The client may incur additional charges for hours used beyond the 12-hour rental agreement.

How would I extend my event and what would the cost be?

Because every contract contains specific parameters. Specific contracts for the charges are drafted on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any noise restrictions?

We do allow music at a reasonable volume during events from 9AM-6PM. From 6PM-12AM Performance and DJ are allowed. Please respect our neighbors during your event.

Is there any outdoor or rooftop space available?

No. However we do have a street level entrance so it is easy for guest to enter/exit.

Does the building have heat and A/C?


Is smoking allowed?

Per NYC law there is no smoking permitted inside the venue.

Do I need to provide my own insurance?

All outside vendors coming into the venue are required to show proof of liability (COIs) at least 1 week prior to the scheduled event date. Each insurance certificate must be for a minimum coverage policy of $1,000,000.00 ($1M) as well as: workers compensation insurance in the form and amounts required by law. Please ask to see our sample COI for any questions. Additionally, please note that this is an easy certificate to acquire for most professional companies with reputable insurance providers.)

Does the venue have wheelchair accessibility?


Are there any restrictions regarding deliveries to the space prior to the event?

Drop-offs must occur during the client or client’s rental period as outlined in the signed contract. Packages and deliveries may be stored early given advanced notice. Pending the delivery items, the client may accrue an additional storage fee.

What is the closet parking?

Street parking is available Monday-Sunday after 7pm and all day Sunday. There are several designated lots in the area.

What are the steps of getting approval from the building regarding decor?

The client must submit a design and written description of decor plans for outside the venue, to the venue, at least 1-week prior to the event. The venue will confirm with the client if approved by the landlord. If permission is not granted and/or submitted prior less than 1-week prior to the event, the client may not be install any *select decor elements



Audio/Visual Questions:

What types of audio / visual services are available?

We are a full service production company and can provide you with everything needed to make your event a success. Some of the audio /visual services that we offer are below:

  • DJ equipment

  • Audio equipment - Microphones, mixers, Live sound equipment

  • Lighting

  • Projection mapping

  • Staffing

  • Creative direction

Please review our tech guide for audio visual needs and questions. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for please let us know!



Food & Beverage Questions:

Do you provide bar services?

We are proud to work with a variety of f&b vendors - we are happy to put client’s in touch with our catering teams to discuss event needs or coordinate on behalf of the client for the event needs (may be subject to additional fee).

Can I provide my own alcohol?

Yes, for any event involving alcohol the client or client’s caterer must provide a COI (sample COI) and completed alcohol permit (and landlord authorization form) prior to their event day(s).

Am I able to get a sponsor for alcohol services?

Yes, pending client’s submission of an approved alcohol permit. All alcohol must be professionally delivered to the venue. No outside staff is allowed to serve alcohol in any way. The client will be required to use certified bartenders/back of house staff to serve all alcohol.

Are we able to have a cash bar or “drink ticket” bar available?

Per NYC liquor authority, individuals are not permitted to (re)sell alcoholic products secured from a sponsor or wholesaler

  • Individuals are required to work with a caterer (or restaurant) with an approved liquor license

  • The client and caterer(s) are responsible for the license application(s) and approval(s)

*Please note that special permits may be provided on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure of license requirements please contact NYC liquor license authority or send them an email (permits@sla.ny.gov)

Do you have food services available?

Please feel free to let us know what your food service needs are and we’d be happy to put you in touch with a vendor or coordinate ourselves on your behalf. We have a handful of trusted caterers we can recommend.



Vendor Questions:

Do you have preferred or exclusive vendors?

We have vendors we can highly recommend that we’ve successfully used for a variety of events. Please email us to let us know what you are thinking of.

May I use my own vendors?

Yes, however we do require that client’s provide the caterer’s name and contact information prior to load-in.



Equipment Questions:

What is included in the space rental? Furniture, A/V Equipment, Other Amenities?

The space rental includes:

Gallery Track lighting, (1x) studio manager, 12-hr rental
(1x) table, (4x) chairs

For additional options please inquire and take a look at our rental services.

Is staff included in the rental fee?

A venue manager will be available for 12-hour rentals. We do however offer a variety of staffing services for an additional charge:

On-site studio manager, security/doorman, coat check attendants
porters/bathroom attendants, bar captain(s), bartenders, bar backs

(For additional staffing needs, please feel free to inquire with us!)

What are the staffing duties?

Venue Manger: There will be a venue manager available during 12-hour rental periods. This person’s duties are as follows:

  • Adjusting the temperature of the room

  • Adjusting the track lighting of the room (prior to event start time)

  • Turning on the sound system and adjusting the basic volume

  • Ensuring that the client, client’s guest, and client’s vendors are following the Venue’s rules as outlined in the rules and regulations the venue manager provides prior to event load-in.

  • Overseeing venue staffing supplied by the venue: porters, doorman, coat check attendants, bathroom attendants and bar staff

    (*Please note: While we have full service production capabilities, the venue manager is not an event planner. They will not be involved with your event planning process at any time, including the day of, beside answers any venue related questions for the client and their team(s). The venue highly recommends hiring an event producer or working with our in-house team if needed.

Porters/Bathroom Attendants: Maintain cleanliness of space, ie. sweeping, mopping, trash carting, replenishing of bathroom amenities. These attendants are not bussers and do not move/or re-arrange large objects/rentals.

Doorman/Security Attendants: Monitor guest count. Ensure the client and their guest are following the venue’s rules and regulations. Crowd management and entrance flow.

Coat Check Attendants: Check in and out coats and/or bags for guests.

Bar Captain(s): Ensures that the bars are set properly and are operating up to high standards while overseeing bar staffing. Keeps bartenders aware of timings.

Bartenders: Makes drinks for guest per finalized bar plan; sets up and break down bar(s).

Bar Backs: Assists with set-up and breakdown of bars; replenishes bar during events.

Is security required at the event?

TBD, based on the event details. Typically when serving alcohol or hosting an event with a large crowd (or celebrities), preferred venue security is required.



Payment Questions:

What is the rental fee?

Our rental rate varies based on a number of factors (days of the week and month of the year, length of the rental period, guest count, etc). If you’d like pricing, please reach out to us with your event details. Once we assess your event needs, we can quickly provide an estimate.

What type of deposit is required?

In order to secure the venue for your event, a security deposit of 50% of the total balance is required. A contract is not valid until both parties have signed the contract and the 50% deposit is paid in full.



“Booking a Date” Questions:

How do I book a date?

A 50% deposit is due along with a full signed/initialed contract. Please note the deposit is due within 48 hours from receipt of the the contract to secure the date. If the deposit and signed contract are not received by that time the date is not held and released.

May I hold a date?

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold dates. Client’s are definitely welcome to request a date and we try our best to work with our clients so their ideal dates can still be met but without a signed contract and deposit, the date technically be open for other rentals.

When can I visit the space?

Please let us know if you’d like to come see the space. Site visits are available by appointment, Monday through Friday. Feel free to request a site visit by emailing us at hello@393nyc.com

May I visit the space during an event?

Prospective client’s may be permitted to view the space during an event on a case-by-case basis. Due to privacy concern’s, this is something that the venue manager would need to clear with current clients during those event days and/or hours.

What is your cancellation policy?

The 50% deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of the event date. If you cancel before 30 days of your event you are entitled to 50% of the holding deposit.



Event Day Questions:

Am I responsible for clean-up?

393 provides a clean, white-box space for load-in. After rental cleaning is charged on case-by-case basis pending event details (ie. parties with alcohol, excessive trash, production build disposal). After event cleaning can be provided for an additional fee.

Client’s (caterer/vendors) are responsible for: breaking down all boxes, bagging all trash and depositing in the designated basement level location, breaking down all rentals and placing in designated locations in the venue for pick-up, removing all outside/ 3rd party materials from the premises (gifts, guest book, signage, etc.)

Who is responsible for trash and rentals after the rental period?

The client and all of the client’s vendors must remove all personal property/rentals, etc. from the venue at the end of the rental time period. The venue is not responsible for any items left in the venue after the end of the event.

Client is provided up to 3 large trash bags (to be provided by the venue) for not additional charge. Client must have this trash bagged and/or broken down and sorted appropriately (ie. glass, paper, plastic) and placed in designated basement location. Any additional garbage or excessive garbage in size of abnormal material needs to be taken offsite with the client. If left at the venue, additional disposal fees may be charged to the client.

Outside catering companies may either take their trash offsite with them or pay a $300 trash removal fee to leave their trash at the venue.

Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?

We highly recommend it! We’ve hosted amazing events done by talented individuals or group of individuals who really wanted to bring their vision to life. 393 offers full service production at an additional charge for event planning and/or logistics and management.